Mock Drill Procedure | How to do it Properly

Rahul Kashyap

 Mock Drill Procedure | How to do it Properly


Mock Drill Procedure

  • A mock drill is a method of practicing the evacuation of a building, handling for a fire or other emergency. In the event of a fire/accident or a Fire / Mock Drill, the following procedure shall be followed.
  • Individual First Noticing the fire, rush information to the Security Gate / HRD / Engineering Department by telephone or by sending messenger or himself shouting Fire……Fire……….Fire……(In case of fire ).
  • Indicate location and, if possible, tell the extent and nature of fire or incident to the Security /HRD.
  • Also, pass on the message immediately to the Engineering department.
  • To check the evacuation performance of employees from their work place to safe location i.e. assembly point during emergency situation, different mock drills shall be conducted.
  • Whole plant Mock Drill shall be conducted as and when required or at least quarterly to handle the emergency situation well in time.
  • By knowing emergency, Security will inform to all the internal concerned person through phone (intercom)/mobile.  Security supervisor shall blow the emergency siren.
  • Plant Head, HRD Head shall move to the Emergency control centre.
  • Plant Head shall take charge as Site Controller. If required he shall instruct HRD Head to inform external emergency services like Fire Department, Hospital, and Police etc.
  • Concerned department Head /designee shall rush to the site (fire/event assumed) and take charge as Incident Controller.
  • One electrician shall shut off the power of affected area (assumed).
  • Head of EHS along with his team shall rush to the fire /incident site (assumed) and help the Incident Controller.
  • Fire Fighters shall rush to the FIRE site (assumed) along with fire extinguishers and start firefighting operation under instruction of Incident controller using fire extinguishers (as required).
  • All First Aiders shall reach near the fire site along with First Aid Boxes. If any victim is there, bring him / her to the safe area, apply First Aid and shift to the OHC / hospital (as required).
  • All employees (except Emergency Response Team) will assemble in the Emergency assembly point at their department wise queue without creating any panic.
  • HR department shall conduct head count. ERT members of respective departments shall assist in this process.
  • If any missing is informed to the incident controller, he will organize the search and rescue operations. 
  • Security supervisor shall open the gate. He shall send the vehicle with First Aid Box and stretcher towards the Fire site (assumed). He shall place two guards at the gate, one to the turn on main road (to guide the emergency vehicle) and remaining shall be sent the Fire site (assumed) to access the ERT.
  • Security supervisor shall conduct the head count of the visitors. If any missing, inform to the Incident Main Controller.
  • After the control of Fire (assumed) Incident Controller shall keep watch for at least 30 minutes and if found normal inform to Site Controller and move to the assembly point with ERT members.
  • Site Controller shall narrate the brief details of the incidents (assumed), announce normalcy and instruct all to move their respective areas and resume their duties.




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