SOP on Operation of Hot Water Generation System

Rahul Kashyap
To describe the procedure for Operation of hot water generation system.
Pre Checks for operation of Hot Water Generation System:
Check main power for operation of System, it should be 415 V ±15 V.
Ensure that Inlet and Outlet valve of Hot water Generation System is in Open Condition.
Check all connections for looseness. Tight, If found Loose.
Check system for proper Earthing.
Ensure that steam line supply valve should be open condition & check steam
Pressure in pressure gauge it should be 1 to 3 kg/cm2.
Operation of Hot Water Generation System: -
Press Start Button to Start Pump of Hot Water Generation System and record start Time.
Set desired temperature on temperature Controller and record in Log Book.
Ensure that steam Valve is in Open Condition on Heat Exchanger.
Record Voltage in Log book from Voltmeter Installed on the Panel.
Set temperature 50±15 °C in temperature controller.
Maintain 2 to 3 Kg /cm2 Pressure in hot water loop and Record in Log Book.
For Shut down of the Hot Water Generation System Press Stop Button on Main Panel and note down stop time in Log Book.         

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