SOP on Maintenance of building premises

Rahul Kashyap
To describe the procedure for maintenance of all blocks of building, roads and gardens.
  • The maintenance of building covers maintenance of walls, windows, window panes, glazing, ceiling, top of rooms, passages, staircase, partitions etc. of production, administration, utility, and outside premises, roads, gardens etc.
  • Maintenance of walls of premises covers painting and repairing.
  • Where they are painted (otherwise than with washable water paint) or varnished, be repainted or revarnished at least once in every five years.
  • Where they are painted or varnished or where they have smooth impervious surfaces, be cleaned at least once in period of twelve months.
  • In any other case be kept whitewashed or colour washed and the whitewashing or colour washing must be carried once in twelve months.
  • All doors window frames and other wooden or metallic framework and shutters shall be kept painted or varnished and the painting or varnishing shall be carried out once in a five years.
  • Toilets, change rooms and canteen should be painted once in nine months.
  • The visible crack or crevices in the wall, ceiling or doors shall be treated on urgent basis and immediately repaired.
  • If there is crack or breakage of glass of windows / or doors, it shall be immediately informed to HOD Maintenance to replace the same and simultaneously to HOD quality assurance.
  • Any seepage or leakage from the pipelines / utility lines shall be treated on urgent basis and shall be repaired by engineering department after intimating to QA or Production if related to.
  • The HOD HR should get the gardens maintained.
  • Pavement along the side road, any potholes if developed shall be repaired.

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