SOP on Opening and Closing of Production Area

Rahul Kashyap

To describe the procedure for opening and closing of Production Area.

Opening of Production Area
  • Production area includes Manufacturing, Filling & Packing area.
  • Production Operator/Designee collect keys of respective production area (Manufacturing & Packing) from Security Office by making entry in key movement register.
  • Production Operator / Designee open the main doors of respective production area (Manufacturing & Packing).
  • Switch “ON” the lights of the respective area.
  • Operator / Designee shall place the keys in key box of the respective production office.
  • Before starting the work activity ensure that area must be clean & drain point must be disinfected.
  • Ensure that all items / equipments in the area placed at their respective places.
  • Carry out the production activity.
Closing of the Production Area
  • Before leaving the respective area at end of the shift or no more activities needs to be done in the production area then machine Operator / Designee should ensure that all equipments and accessories in the area shall be labelled properly.
  • Operator / Designee ensure that the placement of all equipments / accessories at their respective places.
  • Officer / Designee ensure that about the cleaning of floor and disinfectant of drains prior to closing the production area.
  • Switch “OFF” the power supply of the all machines and the utility services.
  • Switch “OFF” the lights of the respective area.
  • Operators/ Designee of the area bring the keys from the key box of production area and close the door of respective area as per area closing check list.
  • Lock the main door of the respective production area and submit the keys to Security Gate and make the entry in the key movement register.
Note: If production activity run for 24 hours in continue shift then make the entry in the key movement register only when area closed & opened.

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