SOP on Handling And Storage of Dispensed Raw Material

Rahul Kashyap

This SOP describes the procedure for Handling and Storage of dispensed Raw Materials.
Handling of Dispensed Raw Material
  • After completion the dispensing of Raw Materials wrap with one more polybag and transferred to “Dispensed Quarantine” through SS trolley.
  • Unload the material on a clean pallet/racks in Dispensed Quarantine.
  • Keep dispensed raw materials properly with batch wise segregation. Confirm that “Dispensed Raw Material” label is affixed on dispensed materials to specify the product & batch number.
  • Temperature/humidity of Dispensed Quarantine shall be  25°C ± 2°C / NMT 55%.
  • Whenever production person needs the batch for processing, production person will inform to IPQA Officer/ designee. Production personal & IPQA Officer/ designee shall verify the material & allow to transferring in process area.
  • Material will be transfer to processing area through material airlock on S.S. Trolley.
  • After receiving the dispensed materials in process area, IPQA & Production           Personnel verifies the material & cross check the weight of all the dispensed materials against the BMR and allow for batch processing.
  • During verification, if any material is found miss or short/excess quantity then inform immediately to QA & Production In-charge for necessary.
Return of online Rejected Dispensed Raw Materials.
  • During the Raw Material verification or in-process stage if found any discrepancy in the Raw Material (colour variation, black particles etc.) or any other non-compliance with the prescribed parameter inform to Head Production, Head QA & Head Warehouse.
  • Segregate the online Rejected Raw Material.
  • After the final approval from the QA Head/Designee material can be return to Warehouse Department.
  • Production personnel record & weight the qty. and fill the online rejection in ERP system & mention the details in online rejection (OLR) Item Name, Item code, UOM, AR No., Issued Qty., Rejected Qty., Exp. date, Remaining Qty., OLR Qty. & Remark.
  • Production personnel print the hard copy of Online rejection & get it signed from Production Head, QA Head & Warehouse Head.
  • Affix “Online Rejection” label on the Raw Material. Hand over the hard copy of online rejection along with the online rejected Raw Material to Warehouse Department

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