SOP on Change Over Procedure From Main Power Supply To Diesel Generator Power And Vice - Versa

Rahul Kashyap
To describe the changeover procedure from Main Power supply to Diesel Generator Power or vice-versa.
Change Over Procedure from Main Power Supply to Diesel Generator Power
  • Change over from Main power supply to Diesel Generator can be done in two modes in Auto mode and in Manual Mode.
In Auto mode when there is Electric power shutdown, Check and ensure that all Main PCC(Power Control Centre) panel and respective DG (Diesel Generator) incomers are in Auto mode, also ensure that Bus coupler switch is in auto mode
  • Now start the DG as per Operation of DG set , After starting the DG the changeover will take place automatically.
  • After changeover check the Voltage it should be 410±10volt & Frequency should be 50 Hz.
In Manual Mode start the DG (600KVA) as per operation of DG set and ensure that the Bus coupler rotary switch is in 1 Position (While using 62.5 KVA DG turn it to 2 Position).
  • Trip the main Main breaker and select the selector switch in manual mode.
  • Trip the RTPFC panel breaker.
  • Check the Voltage it should be 410±10volt & Frequency should be 50 Hz.
  • Now Select the selector switch of DG incomer in manual mode and close the incomer.
  • After that select the selector switch of Bus Coupler in manual position and close the breaker also ensure that all breakers are in Closed position.
Change Over Procedure from Diesel Generator Power to Main Power Supply
  • Check all three power phase supplied by Main , Voltage should be 410±10V.
  • Change over from Diesel Generator Power to Main Power Supply can be done in two modes in Auto mode and in Manual Mode.
  • Check the frequency of each phase, it should be 50 Hz.
In Auto Mode check and ensure that Selector switch from all Panels are in auto mode, when Main supply come the supply automatically switch to Main from DG in Auto mode.
In Manual Mode Trip the DG incomer from their respective breaker and check that selector switch is in manual mode.
  • Check that the main Main incomer breaker selector switch is in manual mode and turn the breaker switch to close mode.
  • Now check and ensure that RTPFC (Real Time Power Factor Control)panel incomer in ON position then close the breaker.
  • Check that the bus coupler selector switch in manual position and then close the bus coupler breaker.

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