EHS Committee Meeting | Duties & Responsibilities

Rahul Kashyap

EHS Committee Meeting | Duties & Responsibilities

EHS Committee Meeting


Committee is established to:

  • Establish and cultivate active participation in maintaining a safe & healthy working environment.
  • Provide an effective environment, health & safety communication among employees.
  • Promote environment, health & safety awareness safe work practice and maintain safe working conditions.

Committee Organization

  • There shall be a plant environment, health & safety committee consisting of representatives from each department.
  • Safety Committee
  • The plant head shall be the chairman of Environment Health & Safety Committee.
  • The H.R. head shall be the Vice-Chairman of the Environment Health & Safety Committee.
  • The EHS person shall be the secretary of the Environment Health & Safety Committee.
  • The HOD of each department shall be the member as well as representatives from each department at shop floor shall be the member of the environment health & safety committee.
  • The Committee shall be the consisting 50:50 ratio from shop floor & management representative or wherever possible.
  • Tenure of the committee shall be two years.
  • The committee shall be updated time to time or when required.
  • The MOM of the meeting shall be recorded.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To review plant environment, health & safety management system.
  • To develop a safe & healthy working environment and safe work practice for employee.
  • To undertake the campaigns and promotion activities.
  • To assist in the achieving of plant environment & safety goals.
  • Environment, Health & Safety policies auditing & accident investigations.
  • To review and recommend environment, health & safety rules, procedures and policies to management for developed, enforced and implementation.
  • To conduct safety audit & risk assessment.
  • To investigate and record accident, learning incidents, unsafe act & condition with a view of prevention & elimination.
  • To develop & implement an effective environment, health & safety training program.
  • To review annual accident statistics and authorize the implementation of appropriate counter measures.
  • To review accident investigation report.
  • To provide a comprehensive & practicable solution of the problem related to environment, health & safety.


  • The committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in a month.
  • All members shall undergo appropriate training as arranged by the plant.
  • Only matters relating to environment, health & safety in the plant shall be discussed at any meeting of a safety committee.
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