SOP on Operation and Calibration of Hardness Tester

Rahul Kashyap
This SOP describes the procedure for operation and calibration of Hot Air Oven.
  • Ensure that the equipment is duly calibrated before use.
  • Red indicator will begin to glow.
  • Connect the oven 220/230 V AC supply. Single Phase 50 HZ.
  • Start the incubator by turning energy regulator i.e. fine temperature controller knob at 50-60 position as per temperature requirement for higher/immediate temperature set energy regulator knob at 50-60 position initially.
  • Green indicator i.e. temperature indicator will begin to glow indicating load on.
  • Press the push button of controller to view the set temperature.
  • Adjust the required set value by simultaneously pressing the set button and adjusting the increasing/ decreasing knob.
  • Switch on the air circulation system for better uniformity.
  • Set the temperature knob at 50-60 position for better accuracy provided in the digital controller. (White knob marked 1-10)
  • The oven will now start heating and load indicator will glow and after some time the unit will start taking cut off and shall maintain the temperature at required position, Indicator will glow on/off when temperature reached below the set temperature.
  • Place the glass wares to be dried.
  • Close the door of oven.
  • After drying the glass wares, switch off the heater and allow it to come to room temperature.
  • Temperature of 1000C is achieved within 30 minutes, and higher range i.e. 3100C is achieved within 45-60 minutes.
From external agency: Once in a Year.        
  • Do not set the temperature near or below the ambient if the supply voltage is less than 220V or more than 250V, 16 A.
  • Do not overload the equipment with the samples. Maximum load 2.0 K.W.
  • Do not place anything on top of the equipment or do not stand on the top of the equipment.
  • Install the backside of the equipment 300 mm away from the wall.
  • Leave a minimum of 15 mm free space from all sides of the equipment.
  • Keep the unit horizontally levelled.
  • Do not preserve/store inflammable chemical or material in the chamber.

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