Internal Audit Checklist Template | Word Format

Rahul Kashyap

Internal Audit Checklist Template for Engineering Department:

Internal Audit Checklist Template word file

Preventive Maintenance / Calibration schedule is available and completed as per SOP

All equipment is properly maintained and records of this maintenance area kept.  In addition, equipment is inspected for serviceability before any operation begins.

Current Master Calibration schedule available for all instruments.

Inventory management of engineering spares done as per SOP and records maintained.

Training and evaluation of all relevant procedure is complete.

Break down maintenance I preventive maintenance entries in log book is complete

All related drawing are approved & updated

Training documentation and Accountability statement being maintained

Data Integrity |Internal Audit Checklist Template

Are all entries in clear, legible, visible and readable handwriting?

Is the data being integer, complete & consistent?

Is the data entering by mistake?

Is data true and signed copy?

In case of any correction, cross out the information with single line so that original entries are seen?

Are all the entries made by the person who executed the task?  

Is any lines or columns found without entry?

Is corrective action taken to avoid data integrity & wrong entries?


Air changes, particle count. Air velocity, monitoring done as per SOP.

Monitoring room conditions in production area, controlled storage area done as per SOP and records are maintained

All SOPs are available and followed

Reports of cooling/ chilled water are available from outside agency.

Storage area print -outs checking

Usage log book are available and complete

Pipe line color, coding 'and direction of flow as per


Coding of various HVAC filters are done as per sop

Major maintenance reports are completed are made and records are complete.

Calibration of gauges / timers /   Digital thermometers I measuring instruments done as per schedule and records are maintained

Calibration failures, if any, are investigated


PMP's performed as per the schedule and records are available

Calibration of instruments are done as per the procedure  /  schedule and records are maintained

List of approved food grade lubricants available

Breakdown records are maintained

Breakdown history of the equipment’s available


Preventive maintenance is carried out as per the schedule

Calibration of instruments where ever applicable

Operating instructions are available and followed

Generator usage logs are available

All panels / DOC panels are labelled and identified


Cleaning/Sanitization records are available

Monitoring and replacement of UV lamp records are available

Calibration records of temperature and conductivity controller are available and details are complete

Filter replacement done as per SOP and records maintained.

Sanitization of underground sumps and overhead tanks are performed and records are available and complete.

Failures / deviations, if any, are investigated and documented as per SOP

Pressure differential log for filters available and records are complete


Procedures are available and followed

Preventive maintenance performed as per the schedule

Dew point test record available and complete for compressed air

Usage log of filters is available I maintained

Frequency of blow down available I maintained for boilers

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