Performance Qualification of Heating Block

Rahul Kashyap

Performing the Performance Qualification.
Test the performance of the Heating Block, as per the Check List and record these in the Performance Qualification Report. The frequency of recording results has been decided based on the results of the Operation Qualification. The test methodology is defined in the check list.
The Heating Block, shall be handed over to Quality Control only after successful completion of Performance Qualification. 
Record all observations and deviations in the report. In case of deviation prepare a deviation report with justification and get it approved by Head Quality assurance, Head Quality Control
Check list For Performance Qualification


Test  ( S) Required
Test Description
Acceptance Criteria
Checked by
To check whether the display shows the temperature or not when turned on.
Connect the plug of Main A/C supply or power supply to the main electrical socket and switch on the main  and observe the display, Display shows the temperature of the Heating block.
It should show the temperature of the heating block  when turned on

To set the required temperature of the Heating block.
 In on condition press the set button and at the same time adjust the required display temperature (370C)

Both readings shown by Display and heating block should be same.

To check whether the adjusted temperature remains same for prescribed time.
Keep the standard thermometer at various points in the wells of heating block and check the temperature.
Heating block should show the adjusted temperature at all the points throughout the prescribed time.

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