Validation :
In Pharmaceutical Validation is a part of Quality circle which play an important role to meet the desired Quality from the system.
Definition:Validation is a process to check and verify that the system we are going to use is working as per the User requirement specification.To understand that lets take an example of Validation of following process

HVAC Validation
Compressed Air Validation 
Dynamic Pass Box Validation 
Cleaning Validation
Sterility Validation  
Quality by Design
Cleaning Validation Protocol 
Autoclave Validation 
Validation Master Plan
Process Validation Process
Analytical Method Validation 

We can also take the example of a Process Validation ,in process validation we Validate the various products that being manufactured in a particular manufacturing industry. Different department play their role in these type of Validation.In Process Validation
Validation Team:Prepare and review the execution document like BMR, Protocol,Report.
Verification of all prerequisites
Execution of defined activity with production activity and quality team during validation as per approved process.
Monitor and Execution  during validation as per approved protocol.
Quality Assurance Department:
Review and verify the compilation and completion of the protocol and also all requisite have been met and the protocol information is complete.

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