SOP on Operation of NON IBR Steam Boiler

Rahul Kashyap
To describe the procedure for operation of Non-IBR Steam Boiler.
Pre Requisite:
  • Make sure that the boiler feed water is: Hardness<5 ppm, pH 8.5 TO 9.5
  • Ensure that the water softening test should be carried out after every four hours of
  • operation. If results of softening test are unsatisfactory, regenerate the water softener immediately
  • Ensure that the fuel (Oil/gas) is available in their storage tank.
  • Ensure that the drain valve of economizer, fuel strainer drain valve and the coil blow down valve are closed.
  • Ensure that water inlet filter is clean and free from any blockage.
Starting Procedure:
  • Open the valves on water, fuel(oil/gas) supply line.
  • Put the electric main switch On. Observe that the display comes ON.
  • Close the main steam valve and open the auxiliary steam valve to prevent water entering process steam line initially.
  • Press the FILL key on, to fill up the coil.
  • When water starts coming out of the auxiliary steam valve, the unit can be fired.
  • In case of gas fire, put the fire switch ON, blower and water pump will start, sparking between burner electrodes begins.
  • In case of OIL FIRE put the fire switch on. Blower, fuel pump and water pump will start. Sparking between burner electrodes begins.
  • After boiler firing start the green lamp will glow, indicator BURNER ON.
  • After firing check and ensure from sight glass at the top of boiler that boiler get fired.
  • After firing, fuel spray starts and flame is established. Sparking stops when flame is established and heating of water in the coil starts.
  • After pressure starts increasing and temperature raise above 90 degrees, open the main steam stop valve gradually and close the auxiliary steam valve simultaneously.
Running attention
  • Check that no excessive sound there from motor or elsewhere.
  • Check that all valves and joints are leak-tight.
  • Check that proper water flow and fuel flow or gas flow are maintained.
  • Check that the flame is steady and golden yellow in color. Reddish flame indicates that air supply is insufficient. Check that the exhaust from the chimney is almost colorless.
Sequence of Operation- Stopping
  • Close the steam valve fully. The pressure switch will cut off the burner due to high steam pressure.
  • Switch the FIRE key to FILL mode.
  • Open the coil blow down valve fully and blow down the boiler, Close the blow off valve and open the auxiliary steam valve fully. Drain the economizer by keeping its drain valve open till clear water starts coming out.
  • Fill up the coil with water for the next day’s operation (filling the coil with soft and treated water minimize oxidation and rusting). After fill up of coil or when steam temperature indication falls below 900 C, press the FILL key to switch off. Close the auxiliary steam valve.
  • Put off the electric main switch clean any dripping oil, water, etc. from the unit.
  • Close the outlet valves of soft water service tank and fuel oil service tank or main gas supply.

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