SOP on Operation and Cleaning of Centrifuge

Rahul Kashyap
This SOP describes the procedure for operation and cleaning of Centrifuge.
  • Connect the three pin plug with the main supply.
  • To ensure that the rotor has been correctly loaded with its components of tube and buckets, the centrifuge can be started by closing its lid.
  • Now move the speed control knob clock wise from “0” position.
  • To stop the centrifuge correctly, turn the speed control “0” the centrifuge de-accelerate and eventually stop.
  • When the rotor come to a standstill open the centrifuge lid and remove the bucket & tubes.
  • Clean all the buckets thoroughly at regular intervals. After removing the profiled rubber insert, pore the talcum powder very carefully; remove any glass splinters which may be in the buckets before refitting the rubber inserts.
  • Always ensure that the speed control is set to “0” position before the centrifuge is connected to the power supply and after each centrifuging. This will prevent a start at a high speed and consequent damage to the glassware with the rotor.
  • Ensure level & stability.
  • Balance centrifuge tubes equally.
  • Ensure use of rubber cushions for glass tubes.
  • Check carbon brushes periodically.

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