SOP on Operation and Calibration of Water Bath

Rahul Kashyap
This SOP describes the procedure for operation and calibration of Water Bath.
  • Fill the sufficient purified water into the water bath so that heater is merged and at least water level is 2 cm above the heater.
  • Switch ON the Water Bath ON/OFF switches.
  • Immediately set the desired temperature by pressing push button, moving the knob to SET.
  • Approximately 25°C before the set temperature, the heater will start going on and off. Heater action is indicated by the LED on the DTC. Allow a few minutes for the temperature to stabilize.
From external agency: Once in a Year.        
  • For cleaning the bath change the water weekly basis or as required.
  • Drain the previously filled water.
  • Clean the bath with 2% liquid soap & rinse with potable water & purified water respectively.
  • Precautions 
  • Handle the equipment properly.
  • Do not start the heater if there is no water in the Water Bath.
  • The water bath should be filled with purified water only.

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