SOP on Operation and calibration of Vacuum Oven

Rahul Kashyap
This SOP describes the procedure for operation and calibration of Vacuum Oven.
  • Ensure that the equipment is clean and free from dust.
  • Connect the main cord to supply line and put the ON/OFF switch at ‘ON’ position.
  • Setting the temperature: The oven has digital temperature controller/indicator on the front side. The digital temperature controller is provided with three buttons with the below mentioned features:
  • The first (on left side) is marked as ‘set’ and is for setting the temperature in the oven (range 50°C to 250°C).
  • The 2nd middle (red color) button is- push set button. Press the set button and simultaneous by moving forward or backward by knob, adjust the desired         temperature to run in the oven.
  • The third button is called fine control.
  • For opening the door of vacuum oven – Rotate the metallic three knobs by rotating it anticlockwise. The metallic three knob will get loosen and slightly toward the up and down side knob. The main doors towards the knob pull. The door will then open easily.
  • Place the container/ bottle, containing the material substance under test, inside the chamber on the shelf of the oven.
  • Close the door and tighten the three knobs tightly by rotating clockwise.
  • The vacuum oven panel is provided with toggle switch with plate for “low” and “high” temperature. In case the desired heating temperature required is below 100°C, put the toggle switch knob at “low” position and for above 100°C heating temperature put the towel knob at “high” position.
  • The oven is to be attached to vacuum lines.
  • Connect the vacuum tube of the vacuum pressure pump to the vacuum intake nozzle.
  • Now vacuum shall be applied with the help of connected vacuum pump pipe.
  • Vacuum gauge of the equipment, shall show vacuum indication on it dial and operate the vacuum pump up to desired vacuum attained as required in the test.
  • As soon as the required vacuum is approached, close the vacuum-releasing knob.
  • Allow the substance under test to remain under vacuum, at a specified temperature and for the specified time, as indicated in the monograph.
  • After the test is over, slowly release the vacuum through the releasing knob, till the needle of the vacuum gauge declines to zero (its rest position).
  • Open the door of the vacuum, as mentioned at step 4 above and unload materials from the chamber.
  • Switch off the main line, after completion of the experiment.
From external agency: Once in a Year.        
  • Proper handling of the equipment.
  • Do not keep the door of the oven open for a long period when the temperature is ‘ON’.
  • Applying and releasing of the vacuum should be done slowly so as to avoid the substance from propelling out of the bottle.

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