SOP on Operation and Calibration of Sonicator

Rahul Kashyap
This SOP describes the procedure for operation and calibration of Sonicator.
  • Ensure that Purified Water level up to the operating level and place the tray into    the bath.
  • Connect the switch to main supply and on the switch.
  • Press ON/OFF key to start the Sonicator provided on the front panel of equipment.
  • To adjust the time of Sonicator Press (Timer) key then set the temperature with       
  • the help of upper and lower key.
  • To start the heater press ON/OFF key of heater.
  • Put water in the tank, the level of the water for any volumetric as per requirement.
  • After that keep the Apparatus or required into the tray and Press the ON/OFF key.
  • For Stop Press again ON/OFF key.
  • Calibration frequency of external agency for once in a year.
  • Calibration frequency of in-house agency for quarterly
  • Calibrate the equipments by two parameters Time calibration.
  • Ensure that before calibration Stopwatch should be calibrated and certified.
  • For set the time 05 minutes by the desired key and start the equipment and Stopwatch. After competition record the result. This excise in duplicate.
  • Again set 10, and 25 minutes and repeat the procedure.
  • Report any discrepancy observed during calibration of equipment to In-Charge or his designee for corrective and preventive action.
  • ADL In-Charge or his designee informs the defect to Maintenance Department service engineer to rectify the defect. Affix ‘Under Maintenance’ label on the equipment
  • Calibration should be required after maintenance.
  • After used the equipment clean with the dry cloth.
  • Change the water in two working days or as per our requirement.
  • Disconnect mains before opening any panel.
  • Maintain a minimum liquid level of 1” below the top collar.
  • Do not drop heavy objects in the tank.
  • Does not use carbon tetrachloride as it decomposes with ultrasonic produces poisonous Gas.      
  • Do not load objects directly on the base of tank.
  • Allow 5 to 7 minutes for degassing of liquid before starting cleaning operation.
  • Do not operate ultrasonic continuously for more than four hours give a gap of 60 minutes after every four hours continuous cycle.
  • Do not drop liquid inside the generation or inside the tank housing.
  • Ensure good earthing to the equipment.
  • Temperature of liquid should not exceed 65 ̊C which is automatically controlled by the inbuilt thermostat.
  • Do not flammable liquids, use only water based cleaning solutions.
  • Keep the control panel area around the cleaner, clean and dry.
  • Disconnect (Unplug) mains before emptying/Filling Liquid.
  • Do not dip your hands or fingers in the cleaning liquid while the cleaner is - ON.
  • Keep clear the ventilation provided on the cleaner, do not enclose it in a box.

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