SOP on Operating Procedure of Magnetic Stirrer

Rahul Kashyap
This SOP describes the procedure for operation of Magnetic Stirrer.
Procedure:Operating Procedure of Magnetic Stirrer
magnetic stirrer sop

  • Ensure that the equipment is clean and free from dust.
  • Put the beaker with solution (which is to be stirred) on hot plate.
  • A small magnetic needle (white Teflon coated) provided with unit is for stirring of solution, put this piece in the beaker containing solution.
  • Keep the speed regulator knob to ‘o’ point.
  • Connect the plug of the wire of the unit to the main supply out put the switch ‘ON’ position.
  • Turn the speed regular knob clock wise gradually; the Teflon coated magnet shall start revolving. Increase the speed by further turning the speed knob clock-wise till the desired speed is attained.
  • Rotate the heater knob to the desired temperature (low, medium & high) required for heating the solution.
  • After completion of stirring rotate the speed knob anticlockwise to stop the movement of Teflon coated magnet.
  • Turn the heater knob to ‘0’ position and put the main switch at ‘off’ position, before disconnecting from the mains.
  • Remove the magnet needle from container and clean it properly. Keep the magnet bead to its storage location.
  • Clean the equipment after work is over.
  • Not to remove the sample container when equipment in operation.
  • Handle the equipment properly.
  • Disconnect the equipment at the time of cleaning of the equipment.
  • The speed of this rotation should be gradually increased/ decreased by rotating the switch otherwise the magnet will stick at one point.

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