SOP on Lux Meter and Monitoring of the Lux Level

Rahul Kashyap

To describe the procedure for operation of Lux Meter and Monitoring of the Lux Level.
Operating Procedure of Lux Meter
  • Switch ON the Lux Meter.
  • Ensure Initial reading should be zero”. If not, re-set the zero by using “Zero Offset”
  • Different working ranges of Lux Meter.
  • 0 to 1999 with resolution 01.
  • 2000 to 19999 with resolution 10.
  • 20000 to 50000 with resolution 100.
  • Select the operating range of Lux meter as per requirement by selecting switch.
  • Hold the Light Sensor facing toward light.
  • Meter display will show Lux value.
  • Multiply displayed value with multiplication factor (Resolution Value). This will be actual Lux Value.
Monitoring of Lux Level
  • Monitor the Lux level at 5 locations minimum in area.
  • Take the Average of Lux Level Sampling Point reading.
  • The Lux Level Shall not be less than:
  • 350 ± 50 Lux for Production area, manufacturing area sampling and dispensing booth.
  • Frequency of Monitoring Lux Level is Half Yearly ± 15 Days

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