SOP on Calibration of Instruments

Rahul Kashyap

To describe the procedure for Calibration of Instruments.

  • Prepare list of Instruments to be calibrated by the external agencies
  • Annual calibration planner shall be updated yearly basis
  • The Calibration by external agency shall be done as per the approved procedures.
  • In case if any of the instrument is calibrated prior to the planned activities then calibration record of that instrument shall be updated to next Annual Calibration Planner.
  • In case of any new instruments installed, same shall be added in Supplement monthly calibration Planner
  • During calibration, tag the instrument /equipment with “UNDER CALIBRATION” label as per SOP on procedure for status labeling & duly filled by the department.
  • The calibration of the instruments shall cover the entire range of the instrument including the minimum, maximum and the operational range.
  • If the instrument passes the calibration test, External agency personnel affix filled label on calibrated instrument.
  • Ensure that Instrument sent outside and received after calibration from external Agencies / Suppliers shall be properly packed to avoid any damages.
  • The calibration certificates obtained from outside agency / supplier shall be evaluated for its adequacy and tolerance limit by the concerned department and countersigned by Engineering department and shall submit the calibration certificates to QA Department Executive /Designee.
  • If the instrument fails in calibration, such failure shall be reported to the Head QA through incident report and same shall be investigated as per SOP for handling of Deviation SOP
  • After investigating the reason for failure, the instrument shall be repaired / replaced as appropriate and calibration shall be performed. If the instrument is not repairable, make the instrument unusable and send it to scrap yard for disposal.
  • Frequency for calibration of instruments yearly or before 15 days from the due date

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