SOP on Operation And Cleaning of Fume Hood

Rahul Kashyap
This SOP describes the procedure for operation and cleaning of Fume Hood.
This procedure is applicable for operation and cleaning of Fume Hood at ABC Limited.
  • Ensure that fuming hood is clean and no other activity is under operation in hood.
  • Fume hood is having three regulators green colour is for water supply, yellow colour is for LPG supply & blue colour is for nitrogen supply.
  • Out of three only water supply is in use.
  • Open the glass door up to comfort height for the work by pushing door, slightly to upside.
  • Switch on the exhaust of the fume hood by pressing green button.
  • Connect the instrument (hot plate, muffle furnace etc.) with main power supply and others   during the analysis.
  • Carry out the test as per standard test procedure in the hood chamber.
  • Remove the test sample from hood after analysis and close the front glass door to down position.
  • Switch off the exhaust of the fume hood by pressing red button.   
  • After completion of work clean the hood carefully.

  • Operate the fuming hood as per point no. 4.1.
  • Proper functioning of fuming hood is essential to maintain laboratory, pollution free operation.
  • Make the fuming hood clear of all corrosive acids and chemicals; remove glass condensers and tongs.
  • Clean the exterior and top of the fume chamber, first by sweeping the top and dusting with cloth.
  • Shut off power supply from mains.
  • Clean the exhaust ducting with brush.
  • Clean the tube light and surface of fuming hood with a piece of cloth.
  • Check the performance of these following points.
  • Starter of exhaust fan
  • Performance of exhaust fan
  • Performance of tube light change if required.
  • If the paint on interior surface has become dull or having stains, arrange for re-painting.
  • Ensure that there are no inflammable chemicals present in the hood chamber.
  • Clean the fume hood after disconnecting all electric power.
  • Use strong acid carefully in hood chamber.
  • Air exhaust should be on at the working time in fume hood.

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